We are accepting students for 2015-16 summer essay camps.

Admission Crew offers highly personalized and holistic assistance to a selective number of high school students throughout their college application process.

Whenever possible, we also offer group advice through large events such as seminars or workshops.

We specialize in pre-med track, business, liberal arts, and STEM majors.

Undergraduate enrollment in American colleges and universities rose by 37 percent between 2000 and 2010. Because of increases in the population of 18-year-olds (rather than changes in graduation rates), the number of high school graduates is expected to increase by an additional 6 percent through 2017. As a result of increase in student population the college admission process expected to become highly competitive, especially when it comes to securing admission into highly selective universities and colleges.

As increasing number of students continue to apply each year, many will need to gear up by building strong resumes adorned with outstanding academic and athletic accomplishments, extraordinary leadership skills, and abundant extracurricular achievements.

While undertaking demanding academic curriculum and succeeding in coursework is your first step towards admission success, multiple facets of accomplishments are required for getting into some of the most selective colleges and universities. Additional efficiency in the application process can be achieved through proper college search and by being organized during the college planning phase. Ultimately, your efforts can also be complimented by seeking qualified and timely advice from independent experts who ensure that you take smaller but meaningful steps towards achieving concrete goals.

At Admission Crew, LLC, we believe that no two individuals have the exact same demands and that one size does not fit all; therefore, all our services and advising packages are 100 percent customized. Every year, we select a limited number of students, most of whom are passionate about learning and higher education; we then oversee their progress at every step of the college planning timetable, ensuring personalized guidance and customized coaching that integrates advice of experts affiliated with us.


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