Admission Crew, LLC was founded in 2010, in Fremont, California by Dr. Archana Sudame after working individually with students on college and graduate school admissions since 2003.

With our convenient locations in Dublin, Fremont and Cupertino, we serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area including Berkeley, Cupertino, Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Mountain View, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, and the Peninsula.

Our passionate college advisers offer highly personalized, boutique services, to a small group of local students, and domestic and international students from India. We are extremely conversant with private and public college admission requirements for US-based colleges.

To ensure that our philosophy and independent college admission consultants are a good match for you, we encourage students and families to make use of our initial 90-minute paid session. Our commitment, passion, in-depth knowledge, college insights, extensive experience, clear and objective advice, and unique expertise in STEM, social science, and business fields, have created a base of loyal clients who continue to support us through referrals and references. We are eternally grateful for that and celebrate the success of every student we have ever served.

Our College Advisors

Dr. Archana Sudame: Founder

Archana has worked in the field of college admissions since 2003, as a college and graduate school admission adviser. Her primary expertise is in STEM, social science and business majors, as well in the pre-med track (with any science or non-science major).

Archana taught Environmental Science, Cell Biology, and Microbiology to college and university students for over eighteen years and mentored several undergraduates during her career at Rutgers, UC Berkeley, and Santa Clara University. She has also served as an external college admissions reviewer for one of Bay Area’s premier private colleges.

Archana holds a certificate in College Admission Counseling from U.C. Berkeley and is a member of WACAC and HECA. She has traveled extensively and visited over two hundred universities and colleges across the United States. When visiting colleges, her emphasis is on meeting with students and faculty members, going to their individual labs, and visiting various departments to get a realistic perspective on undergraduate engagement in research. Archana’s young clients think of her as a consummate educator and educational adviser. Her astute observations and in-depth insights are especially appreciated by families that are not yet acquainted with recent trends in college admissions and undergraduate education.

Archana serves as a mentor to many independent college consultants across the Bay Area. She has been a guest speaker at local schools, professional organizations, charity events, and WACAC conferences in the past. She is a presenter on Radio Zindagi 1170 AM as of March 2019. The purpose of her show is to demystify the process of college admissions for immigrant families in the Bay Area.

Manisha Puranik: Silicon Valley, Cupertino, South Bay

Manisha has over five years of experience in the college admissions and career guidance process. She worked in the hi-tech industry for over twenty years as a software engineer. When Manisha finished her College Admission Advising certification at UC Berkeley, she discovered her true passion and has been working with students since then.

With her immense patience, Manisha loves to help high school students and their parents to understand complex admission process. She’s committed to reducing the stress that immigrant families often feel by simplifying admission matters. As a result of her dedication to this field, her students have successfully gained admission into many selective colleges including UCs, Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT, and many other private and public universities. Currently, Manisha primarily advises students from South Bay Area and the Peninsula.

Along with Priti Thacker, Manisha guides the International Students who apply from India as well. She has successfully worked with international applicants before.

Saroda Chattopadhyay: Fremont and East Bay

Saroda is a passionate college adviser who supports students in navigating the complex UC and private college admissions process. She holds a certificate in College Counseling with distinction from UCLA. Saroda enjoys the process of brainstorming college application essays with Admission Crew students. Her patience and compassion help students find their essay voice easily. She also helps students select high school courses and summer activities based on the student’s strengths and interests.

Being an educator for more than a decade, she is very knowledgeable and can effectively communicate with students and parents, creating a relationship of trust. She takes the time to understand students’ needs and guides them accordingly. She is able to ease the anxiety and confusion of students and parents regarding the college application process guiding families to find the best-fit college for the student.

Currently, Saroda is a member of HECA and WACAC. She attends professional conferences periodically and goes on college tours to stay updated on the college admissions process.

As an educator, Saroda has won several grants and awards including California State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. She holds a double Master’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.

Priti Thacker: Founder, Admission Crew International

Priti is currently leading the effort of Admission Crew in India and works with Manisha to guide students on multiple aspects of the college admission process. She brings in diverse experience, having worked as Clinical Research Analyst, Counselor for Stem Cell Therapy and as a teacher for high school students in a private setting. During her stint as a teacher, she discovered that working with students brings her great joy, and she decided to bring together her experience across research, counseling, and teaching to focus her career on college counseling.

Priti realized that a lot of students from India wanted to pursue higher education in the US but lacked access to credible and professional guidance. She moved to the US and completed the University of California, Los Angeles, College Counseling Certification with distinction. She joined Admission Crew in 2017 and also volunteered as an external college admission advisor at James Logan High School in Union City, California during her practicum.

Priti believes in focusing on the right outcome for each student and works collaboratively to create a personalized roadmap to find a best-fit college for every student she counsels. She strives to provide effective guidance to help her students make an informed decision for their future college and succeed in their goals.

Our Essay Experts

Corrie Vaus: College Admission Essay and Personal Statement Expert

Corrie helps students explore and find the best, most authentic way to express themselves in their essay writing. The process results in students’ self-discovery of what they have to offer a university and what makes them unique.

Corrie spent more than twenty years as a TV news reporter and video-journalist. She’s earned sixteen Emmy Awards and nine Golden Mike Awards for excellence in writing, reporting, and storytelling. Corrie passionately believes that every student has a unique and worthy story to share. She uses her experience and expertise to encourage and guide a student’s essay writing, which when completed, paints an accurate and valuable picture for universities and colleges.

Jeanetta Jones Miller: College Admission Essay and Personal Statement Expert

Jeanetta has over twenty-five years of experience teaching high school English, especially juniors and seniors. She has had the opportunity to respond to thousands of student essays and enjoys helping students find creative ways to communicate effectively in their own individual voices. Jeanetta not only teaches writing, but her nonfiction has also been published in California English, English Journal, and Connecticut English Journal. She has written a widely circulated article called “A Better Grading System” and is currently working on a collection of creative nonfiction. At Admission Crew, with her excellent editing skills and writing experience, she offers the final feedback on college admission essays.

Johanah Hernandez: UC Essay Expert

Johanah has almost twenty years of college and career advising experience with diverse students and parents; thirteen years as College & Career Adviser at a local high school and five years as a Freshman/Transfer Application Evaluator at UC Berkeley. She obtained her certificate in College Advising and Career Planning, UC Berkeley in 2010-11.

Vasanta Kottapalli: STEM Programs and Essay Expert

Vasanta is passionate about helping middle and high school students discover their potential through hands-on scientific research. She has over twelve years of experience with Science Fairs and Competitions, with several more years of employment experience as a Silicon Valley engineer and mentor. At Admission Crew she helps students identify projects, find resources and solve scientific problems. Primarily, Vasanta counsels science and engineering-oriented high school students in planning year-round extra-curricular activities and summer activities and with her excellent essay and technical writing skills she trains them to write effective college admission essays during the application season. Currently, Vasanta works part-time with Admission Crew students on a case by case basis

Our Premed Associate

Rob Humbracht

Rob has worked with 500 pre-meds and counting to help them achieve their medical school dreams. When not working with students, he travels the country presenting at med school admissions conferences. He also founded and edits the most popular pre-med blog, The Savvy Pre-Med.

Rob’s favorite moment of the admissions process is the phone call from a student who finally got in after never thinking they could. Rob’s company, Passport Admissions, helps students figure out how to stand out (both in and out of the classroom), develop their essays, and find and apply to the right schools for them. Passport offers free introductory meetings for Admission Crew students and families interested in pursuing a career in medicine. You can contact Passport here.