Our services are highly customized to meet the needs of individual students. We respect your personal preferences and we will smoothly lead you through the process, so that your choices reflect your qualifications, interests, priorities, and goals.

At Admission Crew, we believe that every college bound student has some credentials and attributes that our best matched colleges will value; therefore, we will ensure that your application communicates who you are along with your strengths and abilities ...because there is a college waiting for you!

Our Services

Admission Crew, LLC offers service to a limited number of high school students each year based on students’ interests and aspirations. Our specialty is College Admission Advising in STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Pre-med track and Business majors such as finance, entrepreneurship, marketing etc.

We offer a great flexibility in our services:

  1. Complimentary Session: As of 2016 we no longer provide complimentary or free sessions. Pricing of all our services and packages can be explained via e-mail and quick follow-up phone call.
  2. No Obligation Sessions: Affordable sessions for students and families who are looking for a specific one time advice. These sessions are also recommended for families looking for occasional advice with no long term commitments. Fees are collected at the beginning of the session.
    • With these sessions, there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to sign up any long term agreements with Admission Crew or its advisers.
    • Offered as 90 minutes or 2 hours of in person meeting. Such session provide a wealth of targeted tips in a short time.
    • The 90 minute sessions are routinely used to create a multi-step plan to organize an entire academic year for high school freshmen and sophomores.
    • The 2 hour sessions are helpful for activities such as: creating a customized college list or college admission interview coaching.
    • If a family is looking for routine follow-up, extensive guidance, and frequent advice through meetings and phone calls, we recommend our Annual Comprehensive Service (see next category).
  3. Annual Comprehensive Service: As the name suggests, this service is appropriate for families/students looking for follow up and extensive help with college admission advising on a routine or ongoing basis. Fees are collected at the beginning of each academic year (June-September).
    • Busy parents or parents who are not fully conversant with the American high school and college educational system find immense value in the Comprehensive Service.
    • With 4 X 90 minutes, in-person session each year, quick phone calls as needed, regular e-mail communication, and interactive quarterly web-meetings, families can enjoy an ultimate peace of mind with our comprehensive service.
  4. Essay help and guidance: In collaboration with our business associates, we offer small group workshops that provide insights on college admission process and writing essays. These workshops are available for students in the summer before senior year of high school. We can help you with selecting the proper essay topics, brainstorming, and objective reviews of your initial drafts. We assist you until you create a marvelous final draft in your own voice. Our English expert reviews the final draft to ensure proper punctuations and grammar.
  5. Group workshops and summer camps: A limited number of live webinars are offered to all students at a modest fee.

Our sessions are used for highly personalized advising based on students’ strengths and interests:

  • Coursework selection for the following year
  • Year round and summer based activities
  • Testing: PSAT, SAT/ACT, and/or sub-SAT: preparation and scheduling
  • Various STEM research programs, college courses, and internships
  • College visits and related travel itineraries
  • Campus life and diversity related discussions
  • Results of various personality tests that students take with us.
  • Results of our proprietary Student Profile Analysis (SPA) report.
  • Creating a customized college list
  • 2017 updates in holistic and comprehensive college admissions
  • 2017 new essay topics and new college applications
  • Specialized programs and opportunities for incoming college freshmen
  • Pre-med advising related tips
  • Application planning tips: regular admissions, early admissions, early action (EA), restrictive early action (REA), and early decision (ED).
  • Tips on communicating and corresponding with colleges on topics such as showing interest in specialized programs, writing thank you notes, follow up email, graceful letters declining admission offers, cover letters, and appeal letters for applications that were deferred, denied or waitlisted.
  • Making the final college selection
We pride ourselves for being student oriented and compassionate.
Our one-on-one counseling sessions, individualized essay and application help, and financial-aid assistance have been designed keeping your needs, accomplishments and goals in mind.
Our college selection and planning process helps you get into a college that is right for you, so that you can enter the campus of your dreams with confidence.
We have an extended network of tutors and test prep experts. We do not charge them any referral fees as per our Guiding Principles of Ethical Practice. Isn’t it reassuring to know that our focus is only your success?
Our small group workshops are informal but intensive and will help you remain focused while taking the stress away from the application process.
We believe in you and your abilities. We want to know you as an individual and not an applicant; you are not a stack of books or high school diploma for us, but a real person with your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, your family values and cultural or geographic preferences.
We are holistic in our approach and we would like you to think about your prospective college in a similar way; we want you to think twice before blindly following the crowd to a particular college because of its outward appearance ... after all, college selection is one of the most important decisions you will be making in near future!

We look forward to seeing you soon.